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A Guide to How to Choose the Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

20 Feb 20
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Having an online presence has become a lot easier with the advent of the world wide web and best podcast hosting platforms like iPods, web cams, streaming audio, streaming video etc. Internet has opened a lot of avenues for entrepreneurs to make more profit through the use of internet. One such way is through making money through podcasts.

A Guide to How to Choose the Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

Podcast is the newest genre of audio show available on the internet that helps you to express your thoughts and feelings by creating your own audio show that gets downloaded to your desktop or laptop. In order to have your own podcast recording, the first thing that you should do is downloading a good podcast hosting platform and put your recordings there.

Pods in podcasting are similar to other audio shows that you might hear in your favorite radio station but the difference is that you can listen to your podcast while in the comfort of your own home. And this means that you can say whatever you want to on the things that you want to say and then when you want to listen to your podcasts, you can just log on your PC, go to your podcast hosting platform and start to listen to your podcasts.

Most people listen to their podcasts while sitting in their living room or backyard without any distraction. But the downside to this is that you cannot enjoy listening to your podcast at a particular time because of any interruptions like kids crying and you need to find a way to continue your listening.

To solve this problem, you should get yourself a good podcast hosting platform and upload your podcast to it and make it easy for others to share your podcasts with them. With this service, you will get thousands of downloads every day.

After you have subscribed to all the podcast feeds you can upload your podcast to it and get all the downloads at your doorstep. The podcast publishing sites will automatically start sending your podcasts to all the subscribed feeds every time you submit your podcast.

These podcasts will be distributed through RSS feeds and other RSS syndication. It will also get submitted to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

Podcasts are becoming very popular and you can find a lot of free podcasts on the internet these days. If you are really serious about starting a podcast, you need to ensure that you are getting the best podcast hosting platforms available in the market and that you are using those platforms to start a podcasting business.